5 Most Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Wedding Venues Melbourne-Unique Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne

The term Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne can have such a broad meaning to different people. Weddings are tough to plan, especially for those who tend to separate themselves from the crowd. Beautiful, elegant, and traditional weddings are commonplace. What about something fresh and exciting? In order to cater to those who like to do things the less-conventional way, here’s our list of the 5 most unique wedding reception venues in Melbourne.

1. Bobby McGees

Unique Wedding Reception Venues In Melbourne-Bobby McGees

Image credit: Bobby McGees

Location: Melbourne CBD

Guests: 500

Out first pick for Unique Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne is Bobby McGees.

Move over Hollywood, Bobby McGees has arrived! For those who need a little showbiz in their lives, Bobby McGees Function Venue is as unique as it gets. The venue offers three private entries, accommodation, an amphitheatre-style dance floor with hi-tech lighting and sound systems. Prefer live music? Done. With a capacity of 500 guests, multiple bars and creative themes such as Beach and Roxy, this is hands-down one of the most unique wedding reception venues Melbourne has to offer.

2. Mofo Lounge

Mofo Lounge-Unique Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne

vicweddings.com.au Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Image credit: Mofo Lounge

Location: Prahran

Guests: 149

If you’re the type of person who enjoys an exotic theme, then Mofo Lounge could be the place for you. It’s intimate style venue is perfect for 20-35 guests, with it’s own bar, wait staff, and audio and visual equipment. Located on the first floor (directly above) is the Morocco Lounge, which is ideal for 6-100 guests. Its best features include Arabian-style decor and tapestries, antique lanterns and intricate designs. Mofo Lounge is the ideal wedding reception venue for anyone seeking a hint of exotic razzle-dazzle.


3.The Den

The Den-Unique Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne

vicweddings.com.au Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Image credit: The Den: Alantic Group

Location: Southbank

Guests: 120 

Located within a restaurant as a secret, underground basement, this well-hidden venue is perfect for an intimate wedding reception. Decorated with bookshelves, velvet sofas, and a grand piano nestled beautifully in the far corner of the lounge, The Den will whisk you away from the modern era, back to a time filled with classic, vintage vibes. And let’s not forget the added benefit of live music! If you’re searching for a venue outside the norm, The Den could be just what you’re looking for.  


4. Richmond Rowing Club

Richmond Rowing Club-Unique Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne

Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne Richmond Rowing Club

Image credit: Richmond Rowing Club

Location: Melbourne Richmond Rowing Club

Guests:  20-170

For those whose who wish to host a reception that’s different from all the others, maintains an hint of elegance and sophistication, the Richmond Rowing Club could be right up your alley. Don’t be fooled by its unappealing title, this venue is newly transformed and located on the south bank of the Yarra River. Consisting of both indoor and outdoor entertainment areas – both of which feature spectacular city views – the Richmond Bowling Club has a capacity of up to 180 guests.



MAIA-Unique Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne

Image credit: MAIA: Atlantic Group

Location: Docklands

Guests: 125-500

This next Unique Wedding Venues in Melbourne goes to show how far a little creativity can take you. MAIA is described as “the perfect union of the modern and the classic”. It’s warehouse-like yet sophisticated backdrop allows for a unique blend of an artistic and elegant style. The venue features wooden floorboards and a cathedral-style ceiling. If you find yourself unable to decide between the old and the new, loft-like or conventional venue, this could be the perfect place for you. For more ideas for creative venues 


The great thing about planning  a wedding is that you can plan it according to your own style and taste. As time goes on, people are less akin to the traditional ways of doing things, and prefer an infusion of creative and unique ideas. At Vic Weddings, we strive to make this process less stressful and more enjoyable for the bride and groom. If you’re searching for the best wedding venues Melbourne has to offer, reach out to Vic Weddings to help you create your special wedding day.