Tips For Planning A Summer Wedding

Wedding Dresses Melbourne-Tips For Planning A Summer Wedding

Tips For Planning A Summer Wedding

As much as it is amazing, planning a wedding can be extremely difficult. With so many aspects to coordinate with one another, it’s easy to skip over minor details that could leave you with bigger implications on your big day. To avoid these potential disaster stories, we’ve narrowed down 5 important tips for planning a summer wedding!

Tip 1: Attention To Clothing 

This may seem obvious, but there are a couple of important details in regards to clothing that you won’t want to overlook. Firstly, everyone knows to dress lighter in summer. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get to be the one who’s afforded this luxury – even if it is your own wedding. And if you do finally find some of the best wedding dresses Melbourne has to offer, you probably won’t want to part ways with it. Even if it means carrying the weight of all that heavy material under the blazing sun. We understand. All we ask is that you consider all your clothing options before deciding on the one.

The second thing to note, and possibly the most overlooked detail for summer weddings is sweat. That’s right, we went there. When choosing colour schemes for the bridal party, as well as the groomsmen, it’s important to keep in mind that certain shades expose sweat marks much more quickly and flagrantly than others. If sweat marks are likely to leave you feeling horrified, it’s a good idea to consider the details of your clothing choices.

Tip 2: Creative Frozen Beverages 

While some nice wine and fancy champagne is the usual go-to wedding beverage, those who require tips for planning a summer wedding might want to get a little more creative with this one. Sometimes it’s customary for the guests to wait outside until the ceremony begins; sometimes they can be waiting for up to 30 minutes. Plenty of time to melt away under the burning, golden sun. Why not ask the catering party to pass out a selection of deliciously beautiful, fruit-infused, ice-cold beverages? That way, you can choose a fruit-based colour scheme that matches your theme for the wedding too.

Tip 3: Good Hair Don’t Care 

Much like the attention to clothing, a summer wedding calls for attention to hairstyle. If you’re going to spend the majority of your time outdoors – taking pictures, dancing etc. – beware of the hair! Now, you may be that rare individual whose hair flows flawlessly even in the most dire conditions, but just to be on the safe side, consider going for a heat-proof hairstyle instead. A low or high, wavy ponytail works well in summer – open hair not so much.

Tip 4: Use Furniture That Can Stand The Heat 

Okay, so everything seems to be going perfectly. The flowers look beautiful, the venue looks beautiful – of course, you look beautiful. But just as the ceremony is about to begin and your guests take their seats, something awful happens. The moment everyone sits down, their legs start burning on the seats.

You’ve guessed it: metal and wooden chairs don’t mesh will with summer heat. But our tips for planning a summer wedding ensure we have you covered. A great way to get around this problem is to purchase some elegant cushions to prevent direct contact to the seat. The added bonus of going down this path is that you get to pick out unique furniture accessories that enhance the overall look of your wedding.

Tip 5: Outdoor And Indoor Venue  

Last, but not not least: if you’ve got your heart set on having an outdoor wedding during summer, but everyone’s still on your case about the perils of excessive heat. You mightn’t need to compromise your vision for the big day. There are just some important details to keep in mind. For instance, if possible, secure a venue with an indoor option as well as an outdoor area. That way if your guests feel as though they’re melting away, they have the option of cooling down inside. And if you do find a venue with this sort of arrangement, be sure to double check for cooling systems!

If you think you’re going to have a tough time considering most of these tips, a summer wedding might not be you’re jam. But who wants to compromise a day that’s (mostly) all about you? So if you do decide to plan a wedding in the middle of summer, consider the aforementioned tips to jump start your planning process.

If you’d like more tips for planning a summer wedding or require further information on how to prepare for your dream wedding; contact Vic Weddings today.