The Veil

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When it comes to the topic of veils, there are so many to choose from, all with different names and lengths, so it can become confusing. Not to fear! VicWeddings easy guide to the veil will cover all the information you need to know.



Birdcage wedding veil for bridesLooking for something simple and delicate? Then the birdcage is the veil for you. A simple covering of the face, or the back of the head, the birdcage is a more vintage style. There are varying lengths of the birdcage, some coming just to the eyes, others down to the end of the face.



Flyaway wedding veil for bridesThe flyaway is a swishing veil that comes to approximately shoulder length. This fun veil is perfect for shoulder length hair, or a playful up do.



Elbow Wedding veil for bridesFingertip Wedding veil for brides

Just as it sounds, these veils droop down to your elbows or fingertips, an easy length to wear with an extra little bit of fall down your back. This medium length veil allows you to gain some length without the full train, if you are after a little bit of extra wow. It delicately drapes around the arms and sweeps over the fingertips creating a gossamer curtain over the upper body. Pairs perfectly with all hairstyles, up or down.



Waltz wedding veil for bridesThe waltz veil is your three quarter length veil, ending about calf length. This is a very delicate and graceful veil that cascades down the body. This is a veil that allows body to be added to it, with the option to have multiple layers to create a more full bodied effect and texture to the fall.



Chapel wedding veil for bridesThe chapel veil is floor length with a slight trail at the end that enables this to be a very walkable veil, whilst still giving you a long fall at the back if that is what you desire. This veil pairs well with a flowing gown as they compliment each other and give a full-length look.



Cathedral wedding veil for bridesThe cathedral veil is the most formal, long and elegant veil. With a sweeping train, the cathedral veil makes a statement that follows you. This veil works with long dresses, try to avoid shorter dresses, as it adds to the dramatic and impacting effect. This veil extends far behind you, so be careful of your step, but will certainly draw attention and eyes to the bride who wears it! This graceful veil will also swish and twirl in the wind, or and follow your body movements luxuriously. It is truly a beautiful traditional veil.


A veil or other hair accessories are not necessary for a bride, but can enhance and add an aura of uniqueness and something special. If a veil is not in your plans, don’t worry VicWeddings still has you covered. Another option if some hair accessories and glamour is a look you are going for, a replacement for the veil is the option of some tasteful, elegant and dainty headpieces that can work with all hairstyles.

Wedding hair accessories for brides

A veil and other headwear accessories are graceful, so treat them gracefully in return- take care when putting your veil on and off. We recommend, if you have a long veil such as a chapel or cathedral style, to avoid dancing, as it could be potentially hazardous! Always match the veil to your dress and consider what setting you will be getting married in, whether it is outdoors or indoors could determine which type of veil you go for. Lastly, be sure to choose a veil you feel comfortable in and is a representation of the bride you are!

In finding the perfect hairstyle to match your veil, visit our wedding hair stylist page!