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Situated in Victoria’s North is a variety of wedding venues in the Mallee region. The Mallee region is home to the Murray River, Australia’s longest river, and also home to several well-known Victorian towns including Mildura, Swan Hill and Echuca. Amongst the diverse landscape of deserts, forests and pink salt lakes are two spectacular wedding venues near Mallee that are of worthy consideration.

Located on the Victoria & New South Wales border is the wedding venue, Tuileries. Named after the famous Tuileries Garden in France, Tuileries prides itself on its lush wedding garden surrounded by vines, and historic old wine cellars. Tuileries also gives you the option to add your own personal touch to your wedding decor.

If you are seeking a wedding venue in the Mallee region that provides a setting for a sophisticated wedding experience, then Flowerdale Estate is a choice for you. Flowerdale Estate gives you the options of two fantastic wedding settings; a wedding held in their palatial gardens or in their rustic Australian homestead. If you need help with planning for your wedding then Flowerdale Estate has a team of in-house wedding planners to help you through the process.

With the Murray River being the lifeblood of the Mallee region, it’s worth taking some time before or after your wedding to explore and enjoy the local towns and activities situated along the Murray River. Take a tour down the Murray River on a vintage paddle steamer or live it up on a houseboat. Alternatively, there are plenty of landscapes and charming towns to explore, which feature great local food and wines. A tour of the Mallee region can make a great honeymoon destination as well – another reason to host your wedding in the Mallee region.


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