First Steps After Getting Engaged

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When you first get engaged, it can feel like a whirlwind of excitement. There’s so much to do right after he pops the question and you’ve got that ring on your finger. . Whether you just got engaged or you’re expecting to get engaged soon, follow these steps to make the first few months of engagement bliss and wedding planning a breeze!


Take a moment to yourselves

It might be tempting to immediately pull out your phone right after he gets up off of one knee and facetime everyone you know to tell them the good news. We don’t blame you! This moment is exciting, but try to resist the urge. Keep your phone in your pocket for a little bit and soak up this special moment with your partner and only your partner. Take some time to really revel in all of the emotions and enjoy the exhilaration of being engaged.


Tell your friends and family

Once you’ve taken a few minutes, hours, or days to enjoy your time alone as a newly engaged couple, it’s time to tell your friends and family the good news! If you can tell them in person, that’s great, but if not a phone call will do. The last thing you want is for your sister to find out on Facebook that you got engaged. So make sure to call everyone on your list. The Knot has a list of all the people you should tell first so they don’t hear the news from anyone else. You can even Facetime everyone so they get to see your ring and the look on your face!


Shout it from the social media rooftops

Once you’ve told everyone closest to you, take a sweet picture of you and your new fiancé or a classic ring shot to announce your engagement to the world. Your followers will be more than ecstatic for you, so get ready for all of the congratulations texts, likes, and comments that come with an engagement post on social media.


Figure out your budget

Before you do any planning, you need to nail down the budget that you’ll be abiding by. A budget is crucial when wedding planning, because it can be easy to overspend on certain areas if you don’t have a limit to keep you in check. Discuss with your partner how you’ll be paying for your wedding. If your parents will be helping out, inquire how much you can be expecting from their support. Then decide if you’ll be taking out a wedding loan to cover expenses so you don’t drain your savings. If you’ve been saving for this day, allocate some of those funds for the bigger ticket items like your venue.


Get a taste for your style

While some have their wedding planned out before they even meet the right person, most don’t know where to start when they first get engaged. There are so many wedding planning details–from the dress to the venue to the centerpieces. It can all be a bit overwhelming when you don’t know what you want. Browse some online bride magazines to get an idea of what interests you. Look through color themes and tablescapes and use bookmarks to keep track of what catches your eye so you have a direction you can follow. Start a Pinterest board so you can filter through all of the options and decide what your wedding style is.


Make a guest list

Once you’ve established what kind of vibe you’re going for, it’s time to start the planning process! First step on the list is to decide who’s going to get the invite to your day. Unfortunately, you can’t invite everyone you know. It will be a piece of cake to add your close family members and your besties to your guest list, but everyone else might be in some sort of a gray area. Use a handy flowchart to determine who will make the cut so you don’t have to spend hours and lots of discussions deciding.


Pick a date

Next on the list is finding your perfect venue and picking your wedding date. It’s easier to narrow your choices of location down and go in with a general time of year that you’d like to get married. That way, if you know you want to get married in August, you can work with the venue you’ve picked to get the best date available. It makes it trickier when you have a specific date in mind, as your favorite venues might not have those dates open anymore. After you’ve picked a date, you can start sending out save the dates and booking other vendors.


Choose your vendors

Now that you’ve got your date and venue locked down, the majority of your other big wedding decisions can start. Start looking around at your other vendors, including your band or DJ, your photographer, and your caterer. Spend some time reading vendor reviews so you can get an idea of how they are to work with on such an important day. Once you narrow down your list of vendors to your perfect matches, make sure they have your wedding date open before booking them.