Affordable Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne-Affordable Wedding Receptions Melbourne

Here at we often are asked to give our insights into Affordable Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne. Planning a wedding on a budget can be tough. There’s a variety of details to consider, plus the added stress of finding a venue that suits your tastes and accommodates all your requirements. That’s why Vic Weddings has narrowed down a list of the most affordable wedding reception venues Melbourne has to offer.


Como House and Garden

Como House and Garden-Affordable Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Affordable Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne –

Image credit: Como House and Garden

From: $1500

Guests: 60

Como House and Garden was built in 1847, and is considered a unique mix of “Australian Regency and Classic Italianate architecture”, making it a spectacular setting for a wedding. Its features include a stunning fountain terrace and a magnificent ballroom. If you’re searching for the perfect combination of class, sophistication and nature, Como House and Garden could be the perfect venue for you.

Polly Woodside

Polly Woodside-Affordable Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Image credit: Polly Woodside

From: $1500

Guests: 200 Polly Woodside

Polly Woodside is a popular landmark that was originally built in 1885 as a cargo ship. It’s unique setting, and panoramic views along the Yarra River make it a scenic location for a wedding venue. With up to 200 guests, there’s no need to resort to a smaller wedding just because there’s a tight budget involved. From just $1500, this venue exudes class, sophistication and beauty. 


40 rd

40 rd-Affordable Wedding Reception Venues Melbourne

Image credit: 40 rd 

From: $1000  

Guests: 200

40 rd offers a unique warehouse-like backdrop, with polished concrete floors and a chic-industrious charm. This event space is perfect for anyone who wants to decorate and fill the space using their own style and aesthetics. With a starting price of $1000 and the capacity to cater to 200 guests, 40 rd leaves room for flexibility for those who prefer to paint their own canvas. Here are some more ideas for industrial-chic themed wedding venues


Events at the edge

Events at the Edge-Affordable Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne

Image credit: Events at the Edge

From: $1500

Guests: 160

If you’re interested in an elegant wedding venue that you gives you the chance to enjoy an intimate event without stretching your budget, you might want to take a peek at Events at the Edge. Located in the South-East side of Melbourne, this venue is ideal for weddings with a focus on small-medium guests. Its best features include high-tech sound and lighting, AV engineers to manage state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a fully functioning kitchen.


The Line

The Line-Affordable Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne

Image credit: The Line 

From: $1000

Guests: 200

Nestled in a cosy Footscray laneway, sits a great wedding venue with high ceilings and polished concrete floors. Similar to 40 rd, The Line offers an industrial, warehouse feel that positions the bride and groom to create their space however they see fit. This venue is perfect for  hosting a slightly less conventional wedding reception venue that pushes its creative boundaries.


If you’re searching for the most affordable wedding reception venues Melbourne has to offer, reach out to Vic Weddings for more information. We provide relevant tips and tricks for planning and preparing for your big day.