5 Ways to Propose Using Your Dog

Propose Using Your Dog

Propose using your dog – Do you and your significant other love animals? Incorporating your dog into your proposal can be an endearing and adorable way to tie the knot. If this sounds like your kind of proposal, this VicWeddings blog is for you!


Using your four legged friend as a ring bearer, is ultimate cuteness! If your dog is well trained and won’t find wearing the ring around his collar a burden, presenting your dog to your beloved with the ring is irresistibly sweet.

Dog Wedding Proposal Rings


Having your dog wear a sign with your proposal on in it is another way to incorporate your dog, and gives you time to kneel down on one knee with ring at the ready.


Let your dog lead your partner to a spot where you wish to propose. This can be done by having created a trail of treats your dog can follow. This gives an extra element of surprise and allows you to either be at your selected spot waiting, or go along for the walk and ask away when you arrive.


Wishing to propose at a restaurant with champagne and romance? But also want to include your dog? Find a restaurant that is dog friendly and has courtyard, balcony or patio that will allow you to create a proposal that incorporates all of your great ideas. Your dog can wear a wreath of flowers or have ribbons tied to its collar to further add something special to the occasion.

Wedding Dog Flowers


Similar to the trail, this idea involves hiding or attaching the ring to a toy or item that your dog likes to fetch. Let your dog bring it back to your partner and then pop the question!

If you love dogs, as we certainly do at VicWeddings, then incorporating these ideas into your proposal, and into your wedding if you wish are a great way to have all the important members of your family there as you celebrate the next steps of your life together!

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